After almost four decades of operating in the marketing of fresh fish, ONTIFISH picks up the baton from a long-running, well-established family business.

From our facilities in Madrid, we supply hundreds of customers in Spain and Portugal thanks to our commitment to service and customer focus, some examples: Carrefour, Ahorramas, Eleclerc, Dia, Masymas, La Despensa, BM, Metro-Makro. In France: Ensigne, Meriq, Focceam, Royaume Des Mers, Reynaud, Troyer. In Italy: Sardamar, and many more, place their trust in our good work.


Our products come directly from the most prestigious origins and sustainable fishing grounds. Freshness and origin are what make the difference in the taste of these products compared to others.

We have recently been awarded the IFS Certification and we also guarantee that our products have been fished sustainably, respecting the sea and conserving other species. Sustainable fishing comes from sustainable fishing grounds, using environmentally friendly fishing methods, and strict control and clarity in labelling, with guaranteed traceability through the chain of custody.


For 10 years we have been working as a dynamic, energetic team with a common goal in mind:

For 10 years we have been working as a dynamic, energetic team with a common goal in mind:

We have recently invested more than 8,000,000 € in our new processing plant in order to handle packaging, cleaning, reprocessing... It's all a question of attitude: efficient and proactive.

Production growth rate since 2017 stands at 12% per annum.

2011          Start of activity

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To generate and provide value for our customers with outstanding service and maximum guarantees

Start of sales to the EU in 2020.

We start marketing our products with the firm commitment to offer our customers the highest quality.

Gold medal for Merit in the Workplace awarded by the AEDEEC

The European Economic and Competitiveness Association, on 29th June 2018.

We were presented with the award at the Hotel Eurostars Suites Mirasierra.

Fight against child labour

We take measures of social responsibility against the exploitation of children and adolescents in fishing.